Working Groups

Working Groups

In order to develop novel biomarkers and expand the study further the GENFI Investigators have initiated a number of working groups.


We are working to understand how to improve diversity and ensure equality and inclusivity in the GENFI study.


We are working closely with trials experts to understand how GENFI can best work alongside an increasing number of clinical trials in genetic FTD.


We have started recording speech from people with genetic FTD and will work with academic and industry experts on assessing the acoustic and linguistic aspects of speech and language.


We are developing new fluid biomarkers for genetic FTD through proteomics, metabolomics and lipidomics studies.


We are building links with Brain Banks across Europe and Canada to undertake pathology studies of genetic FTD.


We are starting to perform substudies of novel PET tracers looking at novel biomarkers of tau and neuroinflammation.